FERTY SCHOOL is a training centre focused on education in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Born form the experience of the GENERA center for Reproductive medicine of Rome, objective of the FERTY SCHOOL is to create a strong network of communication, collaboration, interaction and exchange of experience and expertise among different specialists working in reproductive medicine.
At FERTY SCHOOL we organize international workshops, courses and preceptorships dedicated to young and expert gynecologists, embryologists, geneticists as well as psychologists operating in the field of ART.
All courses are based on ad hoc scientific programs in which theoretical and practical sessions, as well as study of clinical cases and visits at the IVF unit alternate according to requests.

All programs are designed under the scientific guidance of the GENERA team directed by Dr. Filippo Maria Ubaldi and Dr. Laura Rienzi, specialists in ART with more than 25 years of experience. 

Our offer

  • Live courses

Our live courses represent a unique opportunity to share experience and improve competences in IVF thanks to the interaction with our experts during their daily activity, in Labs and Operating rooms. Our objective is to guarantee to all our participants a unique experience through the organization of practical and interactive ad hoc courses addressed and tailored for a small number of participants.

  • IVF Lab simulation

The Laboratory is the vibrating heart of every IVF unit and our idea is to duplicate the GENERA IVF Lab in our FERTY SCHOOL in order to give the possibility to every trainee to have a real “hands-on” experience through the use of latest technologies currently available. In this setting, courses on IVF lab design, instrumentations maintenance, quality control and quality assurance, risk assessments, as well as courses dedicated to laboratory personnel management, are also organized.

  • E learning activities

We do believe that education and training also goes through e-learning activities. This is the reason why we built up an e-learning platform that includes online courses and real-time activities such as webinairs and webcasts.



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